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Static Equipment
Storage Tanks Equipment
Together with our partners in the field of storage tanks accessories, we are able to provide our clients with storage tanks suitable for all types of products where safety is paramount. We provide quality design, manufacture and field Service to the above ground Oil Storage Tank Industry.

Tank Accessories
Pressure & vacuum relief valves, flame arrestors, emergency vent, level gauges transmitters, gauge hatches, tank mixing educators, jet mixer and tank suction heater.

Aluminum Geodesic Dome Roof
The Heavy Duty Geodesic Dome Roof is the result of 25 years of manufacturing experience in tank equipment by our partner. Our aim is to provide a dome to the oil industry that is extremely durable and overcomes many design problems that exist in other well-known brand domes. These days when the concern is “Whole of Life Cost”, we believe our partner’s quality engineered Geo-desic Dome Roof offers tank owners the best possible value for money.
Narvan Arra provides seals using a variety of elastomer with metal parts galvanized or stainless steel. Additionally, rigid tip primary wiper and secondary wiper seals are available. Primary pantograph shoe seals, together with secondary roller seals are the best combination for at least 20 years of services in the storage tanks.

Drain Systems
Floating roof drain systems are custom designed and engineered to suit your tank. Drain joints are designed for long life maintenance free service. Multiple drains for large tanks can easily be installed.

Aluminum Internal Floating Roofs
High section modulus main I- beam and sheeting clamp channel sturdy extruded rim, providing excellent support for the IFR shoe seal large diameter, high strength support legs at the rim and centre deck. All centre deck legs are connected to the IFR frame, not to pontoon ends. This eliminates the possibility of pontoon end cracking due to IFR flexing in normal service.

Specialized Floating Suction Lines & Skimmers
A wide range of suction lines and skimmers can be custom designed to suit every application. Swing Master’s central type swing joints are the ideal choice for floating suction lines.

Swing Master Joint
Constructed in cast iron with plain Ni-Resist plain bearings (copper free), Swing master joints are internally & externally epoxy painted for Jet A1 service. All flanges are ANSI 150lb. flat face.

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